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If you believe what DCiNB would tell you, apparently Daniel Craig "has further infuriated James Bond fans". Well, I'm a James Bond fan, let's see what I'm supposed to be so infuriated about:

Despite insisting he is a huge fan of the series, Craig, 38, has now admitted he hasn’t made the effort to watch a Bond adventure on the big screen since he was five, when his father took him to see ‘Live and Let Die’.

Ok, they have their panies in a bunch because the guy hasn't seen a James Bond movie in theatres for a while? Like oh my god, the guy isn't allowed to play James Bond because he hasn't sat in a movie theatre for every single James Bond film since Live and Let Die? Whoop de fuckin' do. I've only seen two James Bond films in theatre. Does that make me evil?

They don't bother to point out that maybe he rented the films. Maybe he bought the films on VHS. Maybe he caught them on TV one night. No, oh fucking no, if you don't go back in time and watch every single James Bond movie, you are not qualified to be a fan of James Bond. It's the end of the fucking world as we know it. And I feel fine.

Oh, and they still harp on Craig because he's "unattractive" or some shit like that. You know how people complain that women in video games (i.e. Ada Wong) are just simply unrealistic? Maybe that's the problem Bond has been having. What kind of hardened government agent looks like a Playboy anyway?

I would really like to get a shot of the webmaster of their site. And see if they're really anything special. Or if they have latent homosexual tendancies.


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The Simpsons meets Donkey Kong

Sure it's a season and a half old, but it still cracks me up.


Dear DanielCraigIsNotBond.com

Brosnan is old.

Brosnan is wrinkly.

Brosnan has grey hairs.

Get over it.