So if you kill Alec, Stephen, and Billy Baldwin, who's left?


Just another lazy day. Had Matt over last night, stayed up until about 5:30AM playing SOCOM 2. He's getting a lot better - he's now technically ahead of me. I'll have to see about that :P

Jessie's off hanging out with her friends, seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Don't expect to hear from her today. I'll live - I sense a dip into the pool to be imminent.

Oh, I passed the driving course. The thing I didn't like though was the final test was all multiple choice, and if there's enough questions I eventually start writing down the wrong letters. For example, one question was about what you do if a head-on collision was imminent, and I thought I was answering that you're supposed to veer right and brake, but what I wound up answering was "Turn into the least oncoming traffic" or something...Ooops. Thank God the teacher had an answer key and wasn't going over them. XD

Mmm, reheated pizza.


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