FINALLY she makes it easier.

I mean really. I don't want to be with someone who will just sabotage themselves because they don't think they're deserving of it or something.

"Women. Can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em."

ANYWAY. Better topics. Made $50 for installing XP on Buster's computer and configuring everything, plus networking it with his laptop. I mean it might not seem like much to everyone else, but we're talking about a 63 year old guy who frankly is too old to be arguing with Microsoft, so anything to make his life easier will result in muchos dollars for me.

Which resulted in a trip to Blockbuster, it being the only place that A) Isn't a flea market, and B) Doesn't suck, game-wise.


Pure sex. Can you say graphical remakes of OutRun and GoldenAxe?

Chicks with pointy teeth and sharp swords are girls you DON'T want to stiff on alimony.

What can I say? I like Alias. Plus it was free, so what the hell.

This show was kicking ass back when Law & Order was still in diapers.


Blogger The Reflex said...

Dude, your raping me with that Homicide Season 3... DAMN YOU!!!!

11:23 PM  

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