Jack Thompson is a douchebag, Take #2

Lately Jack's been pulling out all the stops to try and extend his 15 minutes of fame. Within the last week, he's been thrown off the Alabama GTA case, he's told off the vendors of his book Amazon, and he's accusing Alabama Judge Devin Moore of a breach of ethics.

Jack, slow down, you gotta pace yourself.

So on November 18th, Judge Moore revoked Thompson's Pro Hac Vice, effectively barring him from practicing law in Alabama. A Pro Hac Vice is an admission that allows an attorney to practice law outside of his or her state. As Jack Thompson is a Florida attorney, he needed it to take part in the Alabama GTA civil suit.

Along the line, Thompson pissed Moore off. He went and said a lot of nasty things, like accusing Sony of being Pearl Habor 2, and such. The defense in the case didn't like it either and moved to have Thompson removed from the case.

So two things happened; Thompson stepped down from the case claiming that the defense wanted to make the case about him, and by removing himself the case would continue. Then the Judge revoked his Pro Hac Vice effectively making sure he wouldn't come back.

THEN he got pissed at Amazon because his book, Out of Harm's Way, has been maliciously targetted by the gaming world who've been pelting his book with bad reviews and associating his book with gay sex manuals. I guess Amazon took their sweet time removing it, but I guess Jack feels so priviliged that it should have been done THAT instant. More on this later.

And now he's accusing Judge Moore of questionable ethics. Can anyone see the irony in this?

I've come to the conclusion that Jack Thompson is a pussy. He wants all the public spotlight, but he doesn't want any of the snags that come with it, like public backlash. How did he think the demographic he's trying to rebuild his career at the cost of was gonna react? You tease, torment and defame them as maturely as a pre-teen, and they're going to use the same tactics against you.

Jack has become one of the millions of public figures in America; but he can't take it. For every famous person, there's a movement of people out to defame, insult, and destroy them. Politicians, musicians, actors. They're not immune from the sting of negative feedback, why the hell should Jack be?

Jack's conduct is very reminisant of every single spoiled brat in North America - they love you and they'll sing your praises, up until you refuse to buy them a rediculously overpriced toy. THen it's all I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I WISH I WERE DEAD WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH all the way back to their family limo.

So Jack, suck it up faggot. You're not going to get any respect out of people if you keep whining and crying that people don't like you.


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